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Cedar, Atlas (Bio-Certified)


Cedar, atlas essential oil provides positive and calming effect around you. Used to help support the respiratory system, such as helping relieve nasal and lung congestion.  This wonderful essential oil is known for its therapeutic properties such as antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, astringent, expectorant, sedative, fungicidal and insecticidal.

Plant Name: Cedres atlantica

Origin: Morocco

About Cedar, atlas Essential Oil

  • Cedar, atlas has a deeper scent and is used differently than Cedarwood
  • A deeply grounding and balancing oil, excellent for skin blends too
  • Grown largely in Northern Africa, Madagascar is most traditional
  • Distilled from sawdust and bark chips

    How to Use Cedar, atlas  Essential Oil

    • Add Cedar, atlas to a beard oil blend
      Diffuse Cedar, atlas: and Chillax
      4 drops Frankincense, heartnote (carteri)
      2 drops Cedar, atlas
      2 drops Mandarin or Orange
      • Use Cedar, atlas in a chest compress with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree for easing chest congestion
      • Rub ‘neat’ on the bottoms of feet with Lavender before meditation or bed for a grounding enhancement and immunity booster

        Other Ways To Use Cedar, atlas  Essential Oil

        During the holidays, this is excellent because the scent combined with others can not only create a holiday mood, it strengthens the immune system during the crazy time of year.
        Holiday Bliss blend:
        • 3 drops Cedar, atlas
        • 2 drops Cinnamon
        • 2 drops Orange
        • 1-2 drops Balsam Fir
        • A wonderful oil for families, as a little goes a long way, while staying safe for all
        • Used in Kidney and Urinary tract infection blends

          Use in Ayurveda for Cedar, atlas Essential Oil

          • Balances Vata
          • +- Pitta
          • Decreases Kapha

          Aromatic Profile and Product Details of Cedar, atlas Essential Oil

          A rich woody, balsamic aroma with rich sweet undertones. Used often in respiratory blends. Heating and drying by nature. Used in cleaning products and safe for diluted bath usage.

          The properties of Cedar, Atlas include anti-fungal, anti-putrefactive, antiseptic,  The anti-inflammatory properties lessen discomfort. The antispasmodic property can lessen spasms in muscles, intestines, nerves, and respiratory systems.  It can also be used as a diuretic and expectorant.

          Blends well with These Essential Oils

          • Orange
          • Cinnamon
          • Frankincense
          • Eucalyptus
          • Tea Tree
          • Juniper Berry

          Safety Considerations for Cedar, atlas Essential Oil

          • Not for ingesting
          • Used diluted during pregnancy: Cedarwood himalayan is better

              History or facts of Cedar, atlas Essential Oil

              • Cedar, atlas was used by the Egyptians for perfume as well as the embalming process.
              • Cedar, Atlas is a bit heavier in scent than Cedarwood from India. It is a wonderful addition to add to Beard oils as well as meditative blends. It is skin safe and fantastic in the diffuser.

              We use the Cedar, atlas in our basic Beard oil blends, at Savitur

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