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Cardamom (India)

This oil is imported from a distillery in India that Somah has visited. It is wildcrafted. This oil is CO2 extracted which is the finest way of extracting this oil.

This oil has a deep rich scent. Cardamom is extracted from the seeds. The aroma is spicy, lightly camphorous with sweet floral undertones, balsamic, and woody. Cardamom historically has been used in perfume, incense, and is the key ingredient in chai. It is used for its anti-flatulent properties, dyspepsia, colic, stomach acidity, and nausea. The tonic digestive properties help protect against parasites, dysentery, and diarrhea. Also it helps ease coughing, congestion, and pulmonary infections. Additionally, it is a natural remedy for impotence and low sexual response.

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