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BULK Tea Tree (Bio-Certified)

BULK Tea Tree (Bio-Certified)


Tea Tree (Bio-Certified)
Melaleuca alternifolia

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Tea Tree Essential Oil aka Melaleuca is a colorless liquid displaying a powerful, fresh medicinal-camphoraceous bouquet with a spicy-terpenic undertone. This oil is organic and steam distilled from the leaves.

Tea Tree is a very potent germ-killer, yet gentle enough to use directly on the skin of an adult. For children under the age of 12 use only diluted with an organic carrier oil.

This essential oil should be in everyone’s home pharmacy and can be used for anything you would want to “disinfect” such as acne, scrapes, cuts, mouth ulcers, gingivitis, athletes foot, stubborn skin infections and more. Its remarkable antiseptic power has been one of the most researched, documented and clinically proven therapeutic essential oils in the world.

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