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BULK Peppermint Hydrosol (India)


Peppermint hydrosol; 

Mentha piperita

A hydrosol is the by-product of a steam distillation. The 'floral water' has both the elements of water and oil in the fluid. It's an excellent way to attach you chosen Essential oil to a spray bottle for use.




30 mL (1 oz) Peppermint hydrosol
6-10 drops of Lavender, maillette

Swirl together in a spay bottle and bring with you on a day where you're outside and HOT!  The Peppermint will leave your skin feeling cool against any breeze and the Lavender will protect your skin.

Spray 2+ pumps of Peppermint hydrosol into a STAINLESS steel or glass bottle and add your water (flat or bubbly) & perhaps some Lime (1 drop) or Orange (3+ drops) Essential oil to 32 oz or more. It'll be a YUMMY water beverage to drink.

Add Cinnamon oil to your Peppermint hydrosol and spray around the house during the holidays!


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