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BergaptenFREE (Bio-Certified)


BergaptenFREE Bergamot
Citrus bergamia 

"BergaptenFREE" is exactly the same Bergamot oil except it has been distilled so it is NOT a photo-sensitive oil.  This can be used on skin and in the sunshine (with awareness).  The scent is slightly less as strong as the regular Bergamot.

This is a bright, joyFULL oil that just keeps on smiling!

Bergamot oil has been used for centuries in perfumes and confections. It is extracted from the almost ripe peel of the fruit.  The aroma is a fresh and clean complex citrus that is tangy green with a slightly floral and spicy odor.  

Bergamot is known for its mood stabilizing and uplifting effects. It helps promote clarity in the work place and can calm agitated children.  It helps reduce melancholy and sluggishness.  Bergamot gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor and aroma but this is a case where "less is MORE".. only a drop in a full tea pot! (serving 3-4) and even that may be strong... 

USAGE: A fantastic oil to use and blend for the body.  Start with Lavender or Patchouli.. just wonderful!

SOMAH'S Perfume au natural~  add to a 10 mL roller bottle of Jojoba oil

  • Bergaptenfree 3 drops
  • Lavender  3 drops
  • Juniper berry 2 drops

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