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3 Wise Ones


Oils Used: Frankincense CarteriiMyrrhCinnamon, Leaf
Origin: Made in the Savitur kitchen, based upon ancient traditions.

About 3 Wise Ones

  • Majestic balance of three anciently used herbs/resin tears
  • Likely the three most powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal resins available when burning
  • Wonderful in large crowds. 

How to use 3 Wise Ones

  • Anoint your feet in the morning during quiet time
  • Two drops in an unscented beeswax candle and allow the scent to envelop the room
  • Add to a diffuser when you have company over and feel the magic at work
  • Apply to the crown of the head of a loved one before bed; or your own feet as you set off to the dreamworld at night

The mixture of these richly scented oils simply must be experienced!
 You will cherish this oil during the holidays and use it year 'round to keep germs at bay. 

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