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Tri-Guna lightly oiled body session (can be done fully clothed too)-

This is a balancing massage, not a massage of “focus”.  The receiver begins face down and the session starts at the head. It activates and connects the Sattvic energy in the head and neck.  This is our innate joy and compassion.  The movement becomes more rapid as it shifts to the shoulders and back.  Rajasic part of the self is activated as the shoulders and back are roused and energetically aligned bringing structure and intensity to the back; for the purpose of physically and emotionally handling all that supports one in their life.  The Tamasic energy is soft in the legs connecting stability to the root chakra. There is intensity in the gentle pressure to ground the energy; bringing it down.  The receiver then turns over and the session continues at the feet and then up to the trunk; completing the massage at the head.  A few gentle “marma points” will be touched on the skull with a light essential oil to enhance the mind/spirit connection. Time to relax and absorb will be the final element to this relaxation technique.  Allow a minimum of 15-20 minutes for rest time. The entire process is approx. 75-90 minutes