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Body Sessions by Affirmative Yoga

AffirmativeYoga! Sessions - On and Off ‘The Mat’

Ayurveda means “the Science of Life”.  It is an ancient style of connecting an individual to their own self-healing, of body and mind.  After learning some interesting techniques, I saw that many things can be done at home and on loved ones.  Self-healing shouldn’t be just for those with excess time, money, or a strong personal discipline.  Self-healing is the MOST NATURAL thing your body can do.  

AffirmativeYoga! is a system of self-understanding, to awaken a deeper level of personalized healing.  After spending much time India since 2011, I've been continuously learning ancient techniques of connecting oneself to emotional and physical practices.  Many times I'm asked, “Can you help me calm my thoughts and reactions to things?  Can you help me balance my energy? ”  YES, I can!!!  

All body sessions are done in silence, to promote a still mind.  I will either have intentional music playing or sing soft chants; to interact with the mind. (no talking once it has begun)  The touch of the body sessions is generally quite light, compared to the traditional deep tissue or even Swedish style massage.  The purpose is to create “an invitation” in the mind, to let go of whatever is being held onto in the body.  The purpose is to transmit energy that is connected to Source energy.  My role is to be a conduit of calm and peace.

  • Tri-Guna lightly oiled body session (can be done fully clothed too)-  This is a balancing massage, not a massage of “focus”.  The receiver begins face down and the session starts at the head. It activates and connects the Sattvic energy in the head and neck.  This is our innate joy and compassion.  The movement becomes more rapid as it shifts to the shoulders and back.  Rajasic part of the self is activated as the shoulders and back are roused and energetically aligned bringing structure and intensity to the back; for the purpose of physically and emotionally handling all that supports one in their life.  The Tamasic energy is soft in the legs connecting stability to the root chakra. There is intensity in the gentle pressure to ground the energy; bringing it down.  The receiver then turns over and the session continues at the feet and then up to the trunk; completing the massage at the head.  A few gentle “marma points” will be touched on the skull with a light essential oil to enhance the mind/spirit connection. Time to relax and absorb will be the final element to this relaxation technique.  Allow a minimum of 15-20 minutes for rest time. The entire process is approx. 75-90 minutes


  • Sneham Oily Massage-  This is an oily body rub to promote inner joy.  The movement is slightly different depending on where one’s energy is at. There is a specific style of movement to generate energy flow for Vata, Pitta, or Kapha dosha’s.  A dosha is a generalized category that we are as a constitution, at birth. And we are either flowing with or against it at any given time in life.  A person may have a Vata dosha (I can help you establish this information) but looking to calm the pitta that is misfiring. This is a wonderful session to combine with a “Marma Point” session or a Facial balancing session.  60-minute session



Marma Point Sessions-  The marma points have been studied and learned from as long as healing has been a goal.  They are “switch points of the electrical body”.  Think of them as pulse points or trigger points.  Chinese medicine uses acupuncture points and Yoga uses mudras (hand gestures) to activate different states of consciousness and to create a path for connection to one’s unique healing abilities.  Any dosha can be activated or pacified. There are different sessions as listed: each session is 45-60+ minutes

  • Uplift energy
  • Ground energy
  • Immunity activation

Harmonize/balance, any of the three doshas: 

  • Kapha
  • Vata
  • Pitta


Indian Facial SessionThe face is gently cleaned using all organic oils and herbs, then is given an apricot facial scrub to exfoliate and rejuvenate dry skin or damaged skin.  A natural clay pack is infused with organic essential oils and allowed to harden on the skin, pulling blackheads and other impurities off of the face.  A moisturizer is infused with oils and allowed to soak into the skin.  A marma session is then lovingly given to the face.  This process connects the meridians and energy zones on the face that trigger memories and habits that can become released.  This is a very relaxing session as attention is given to the scalp, neck, and shoulders as well.  A wonderful session for men, as they tend to hold energy in the head, quite often.  90 minutes for this session

Eye BastiThis is a unique one of a kind session!  A handmade eye dam, out of organic dough is created.  (can be gluten-free) The basti’s are then place around the receivers eye sockets.  Next, pure organic ghee is gently warmed and spooned into the eye dams. The eyes are opened and feel soothed like no other experience imaginable.  You must ‘see’ it to believe it!!  While the ghee is bathing the eyes, the shoulders and neck are soothed.  The hands or feet may be given gentle attention; as desired.  After the process is complete, the eyes are covered in pads soaked in Lavender hydrosol.  A rest period of at least 20-30 minutes is included in the healing element to this session.  It’s most enjoyable to have in the evening when the lighting is softer. But not a requirement by any means.  Total time is approximately 75-90 minutes.



Back Basti-  This is the most emotionally activating body session.  This entire session is done laying on the belly.  Two dough basti’s are made (see eye basti) and placed on the back.  One is over the sacrum and is filled with gently warmed, warming carrier and essential oils into it.  The other basti is over the heart chakra and filled with warmed, cooling carrier oils and essential oils.  While the oils are pulling energy from the chakras, attention is given to the head, hands, and feet.  The oils are then one at a time, released and massaged into the skin and scalp.  A lot of emotional release is activated and deep inner healing is generated.  Total time is 90 minutes approximately.


  • Garshana- A dry massage with a rough cloth. A great addition to a Sneham massage.  Allow the dead, dry skin to be gently scrubbed away before oil is rubbed into the skin.  A 30-40 minute session.


Scalp Massage-  This is a wonderful way to calm down an active mind.  Marma points are activated and light to heavy oil is selected with intention.  The scalp is massaged and rubbed.  The neck and shoulders are relaxed by gentle massage as well.  This is a 30-minute session.


Foot Massage-  This is done the biblical way!  The session begins with gentle marma points activated and then a salt scrub exfoliates the feet and lower leg.  The mixture is infused with custom selected essential oils to enhance the mind/spirit connection.  The feet, lower legs, and knees are softly massaged and rejuvenated.  Reminding our inner self of the immense grounding we can access as we align ourselves.  This is not a foot reflexology session. This is a meditational, deeply relaxing, foot rub!  This is a 45-minute session.  



I teach Yoga more on a private and semi-private basis, so that I may connect to the individual needs of each person.  I have created packages to promote this unique approach to self-healing.  We all have the chance to meet our health, our joy, and our financial/time parameters.  Let me know how I can support YOU on your life’s journey!



Private/Semi-Private Physical Yoga Asana Sessions                         $108 (75 min)

        (custom to the receiver, with a highlight of what was done sent in an email)

Private/Semi-Private Meditation/Mudra/Essential Oil Sessions         $99 (60 min)

        (custom to the receiver, with details of what was done sent in an email)

Body Session (90 minutes or longer)                                                 $120 

Body Session (75+ minutes)                                                              $101

Marma Sessions                                                                                 $75

Sneham (all oil is custom)                                                                  $80

Facial Session (90 minutes or longer)                                                $120

Body Sessions (45 minutes)                                                               $60

Body Sessions (30 minutes)                                                               $45

Rare Oils used cost extra; ask for pricing specifics                             $15-30

(Exotic Jasmine, Rare Blue Lotus, Pure Rose Otto, etc.)


“Open Body Session”                                                            $101/hour (3 hr minimum)

~Yoga, meditation, oily sneham, marma, facial, etc.

I will customize a “specialty mind/body” block of time for you


  •  Can be done as a partner “4-hand” massage with me; to your friend, lover, significant other or child



Indian cooking classes and food preparation.  Enhance your experience by having a custom meal prepared as you complete your “spa day”.   Ask for details.  Menu’s beginning at $9.99