Enjoy the Oil of the Month; Lemon & Tea Tree
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Mudra, Affirmative Thoughts and Essential Oil Combinations

- A hand gesture; a depiction of consciousness

Affirmative Thought: A style of forming a desire in the way of seeing it already done  "I feel joy as I embark on these new beginnings"

"Emotional Connection": Essential oils stimulate the blood brain barrier, allowing the person to command their responses with more ease in daily life.

Did you know the last formation on YOUR BRAIN were your fingers/hands? In the womb your hands pull away from your brain after it's developed to a certain degree. Your finger tips hold all sorts of information that allows you to actually do sign language to shift a pattern of thoughts or re-wire, how you respond to life.  It's "yoga in your hands".   I've LOVED putting a few drops of an oil in the palm of my hands rubbing them together and then feeling an affirmative thought. As I see it in my imagination, I can form the mudra with my hands and sit quietly for 3-30 minutes. Once a day or many times throughout the day, depending on what's happening in my life.  They work so well together and it's an active, fun way of quieting the busy "monkey mind"!

GERANIUM, "The Oil of Love & Trust" - emotions addressed, "abandonment, loss, distrusting, unforgiving, heavyhearted, grief..." Geranium is a gentle oil, perfect for babies and children. It nurtures the inner-child and supports in re-parenting the SELF.  It leads away from the logical mind and into the warmth and nurture of the heart. Geranium heals the heart and instills unconditional love and fosters trust. It encourages emotional honesty that has been suppressed by grief or pain.

 Mudra of Trust... "I have faith in the rightness of things. There is a power and a strength which guides, supports, and protects me." The index finger is the "I am", our self worth creator. The right hand protects, removes and destroys all that doesn't serve in the heart of what is yet to be. 

MYRRH, "The Oil of Mother Earth" - Myrrh Oil nurtures the soul's relationship with it's maternal mother and with the earth. Myrrh helps the soul to feel the love and nurturing presence of 'the mother'. It can help bridge the gap and heal any disturbances that created a division or trauma in childhood experiences, leading to lack of trust. It assists individuals in letting go of fear. Re-connecting them to the goodness of life allowing the soul to feel safe at home on earth.

 PRITHIVI Mudra: Earth Mudra, "The power of Earth gives me secure stability, staying power and assertiveness, self-assurance, and self-confidence. The power of the cosmos gives me enthusiasm, pleasure and joy." This mudra works with the root chakra, eliminating an energy deficit. Use it when you are feeling unsure of your steps, to restore your equilibrium and trust on your path. The thumb touches THE TIP of the RING FINGER (root chakra, earth element finger).

LEMONGRASS, “The Oil of Cleansing” - it is a powerful energy cleanser. It dispels feelings of despondency, despair and lethargy. It teaches us how to move forward without hesitation. Lemongrass can also be a tool used to cleanse the energy from a home, room or office space. As individuals let go of past issues and stagnant energy, they have an increased ability to see situations with greater clarity.

VAJRA Mudra: “gesture of the fiery thunderbolt”.  Use this mudra when experiencing a lack of drive or listlessness. Pressing the thumb onto the SIDE of the middle fingernail, the ring finger on the other side of the middle fingernail and the little finger at the side of the ring fingernail. Do this with eachhand as needed or three times a day for 5 minutes, to stimulate drive and clear thoughts. Imagine a fiery, glowing ball in your pelvis. It warms your heart and illumines your mind. 

LIME, “The Oil of Zest for Life” - Lime elevates and instills courage. As it connects cheer in the heart, it dispels apathy and resignation. This oil encourages a balance between the mind and the heart. Lime shines light on the inner motives hidden and encourages emotional honesty. It clears discouragement and depression, including suicidal thoughts and feelings. It connects the self to face all of life’s challenges.

ASTHMA Mudra: “I detach myself from everything that constricts me and fully enjoy my new freedom. I feel safe and secure in the Divine light, which gives me support” Most people who suffer from breathing difficulties are familiar with inner loneliness (too much detachment from the outside world) Press together the fingernails of the middle fingers. Use 5 minutes, five times daily for long term treatment. Breathe through nose, not mouth, if having breathing challenges. 

FRANKINCENSE, "The Oil of Truth" - Frankincense reveals deceptions and false truths. It invites individuals to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity. This oil helps to create new perspectives based on light and truth. It supports in creating a healthy attachment with one’s father. It assists in spiritual awakening and helps an individual feel the fatherly love of the Divine. It shields the body and soul from negative influences and assists the soul in its spiritual evolution. The individual can draw closer to healthy masculinity and the grandeur of the True Self.

JNANA/CHIN Mudra: “Gesture of consciousness and gesture of knowledge” The thumb is symbolic of cosmic (divine) and the index finger is symbolic of individual (human) consciousness. The ultimate goal of yoga is the oneness of humanity with cosmic consciousness. When the palm is face up it is called JNANA (gyana with a hard ‘G’)and when the palm is face down it is called CHIN. The extended three fingers symbolize the three gunas; traits that keep evolution in both microcosm and macrocosm in balance. It clears the mind, helps with insomnia and assists with lowering blood pressure. We ‘receive’ when the palm is up, and we ‘give’ when the palm is down. These are the two best known mudras in Hatha Yoga. 

PEPPERMINT, "The Oil of a Buoyant Heart" - It invigorates the mind, body and spirit and reminds us that life is happy and there is nothing to fear. Using peppermint connects ones spirit to the feeling of gliding through life. Peppermint can assist in regaining the strength needed to face emotional reality. This oil is used medically in topical pain relief as well as topical bug/insect bites (along with a combination of other oils/lotions) It is a wonderful summertime cooling oil to add to your drinking water. ONLY ONE DROP for up to 64oz. It goes well with lemon, orange or lime during the summer months. Glass or stainless steel only. NO plastic -even PBA free.

LOTUS Mudra: “Symbol of Purity” Place both hands in front of your chest/throat area, so that thumbs and pinky’s fully touch and the pads of the fingers touch one another. This is your bud. Now open the three center fingers as wide as possible while maintaining contact with the pinky and thumb. After 4 deep breaths close the hands back into a bud. Roll the finger nails onto one another, then the back of the fingers, the back of the hands; allow the hands to hang down for a while. Roll the hands back into a bud and repeat a few times. Use this when you feel drained, misunderstood, or are wanting to send love to a situation or person.

LAVENDER, "The Oil of Communication" - This oil assists the individual to become clear with their inner intention. It encourages us to let go of past stories where we allowed ourselves to feel small and insecure. It connects us to our innermost thoughts and feelings and stand up for what is important; liberated from our internal prisons.

MATANGI Mudra: “Matangi is the God of harmony and peace” The herb lavender is most often used to connect to harmony and inner peace/knowing. This mudra stimulates the wood element that supports new beginnings and the earth element that gives life its depth. Folding the hands, placing the middle fingers together and direct the energy away from the solar plexus. An excited heart noticeably becomes more calm and inner tension dissolves. Use as needed 3x day for four minutes. “Rest, silence, and peace fill me completely." 

TULSI (Holy Basil) - A favorite of Krishna & Vishnu!  A tridoshic oil made from the seed of the tulsi plant. It is known for it’s decongesting capabilities as much as it’s antispasmodic gifts to us. It can be used by placing a few drops on your hands, the soles of your feet or in a NON-paraben lotion such as Alba, or perhaps in your favorite organic body oil, such as almond. It reduces the swelling/affects of sprains and generalized body aches/flu-like symptoms. Tulsi stands for prosperity, purity, love and devotion.

SHAKTI Mudra: The Goddess of life energy. Pressing your ring and little fingers together, allow the middle and index finger to loosely bend over the thumbs, which are pressed into your palm. Slow down the breathing in the pelvic area, especially the exhale. It can counteract spasms in the intestines, or even menstrual discomfort. Also a great mudra to use when challenged with falling asleep. When held too long it promotes tiredness and lethargy. Use longer than 10-12 minutes for sleep aid and less than 10 minutes to access an inner calm within the body.

ROSE, “The Oils of Divine Love” - Rose holds a higher frequency than any other oil on the planet!! It’s affects, heal the heart. Rose invites unconditional love of the Divine experience of life. It teaches how to contact this love through meditation or prayer (inner silence). It opens the heart to receive unconditional love.

KALESVARA Mudra: Transcending agitation and flooding thoughts and allowing for a calm clear perspective. Extending our time between thoughts connect us to new observations. This can be used to change character traits or eliminate unwanted behavior. For that purpose, use 10-20 minutes/day. In meditation; ask about the benefit the characteristic brings. Step into the cosmic consciousness for clear direction and partnership in changing this. Describe the new characteristic as precisely as possible.... Now imagine the new response to life! The two middle fingers are pressed against each other. The index fingers, ring and pinky all roll in. The thumb presses in to your chest. Notice the heart your hands make...

ROSEMARY, “The Oil of Knowledge & Transition” - Rosemary brings expansion to the mind, assisting in development of the true intellect. It aids in times of transition and change. When challenges arise adjusting to a new job, home or school, Rosemary oil can assist. It teaches that we don’t have to understand everything because we have mortal perspective. It invites us to trust a higher power; rooting in the wisdom that surpasses all understanding.

DHARMACHAKRA Mudra: Before reading, pause for a moment and form the mudra with your hands. Breathe very deeply, slowly and focus how the finger tips are touching and the sensations in your mood that immediately begin to shift. As we balance the inside and the outside, joy becomes our path. Form a question for the Universe; ‘how can I serve, what is my next step’... Hindu mythology states that the wheel guides us through diverse situations/experiences and we can draw on that higher self intelligence. The left palm faces the heart (serving from your heart) and the right palm faces out (speaking your truth).

SANDALWOOD, “The Oil of Sacred Devotion” - This is an oil that assists with prayer and meditation. It teaches true humility and love for the Divine. It invites the material things to be placed aside promoting spiritual progress. It has been used since ancient times for it’s power to calm the mind and still the heart.

ATMANJALI Mudra: Placing your hands together supports inner collection. This gesture activates the right and left hemispheres of the brain, for a harmonizing coordination of both sides. It is a gesture used to express ones’ alignment with Divine will and a symbol of gratitude for such a gift. It is also known as Anjali mudra. Namaskar mudra is slightly different; the palms are spread wide, usually thumbs into the chest/heart.