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Eye Basti



 This is a unique one of a kind session!  A handmade eye dam, out of organic dough is created.  (can be gluten-free) The basti’s are then place around the receivers eye sockets.  Next, pure organic ghee is gently warmed and spooned into the eye dams. The eyes are opened and feel soothed like no other experience imaginable.  You must ‘see’ it to believe it!!  While the ghee is bathing the eyes, the shoulders and neck are soothed.  The hands or feet may be given gentle attention; as desired.  After the process is complete, the eyes are covered in pads soaked in Lavender hydrosol.  A rest period of at least 20-30 minutes is included in the healing element to this session.  It’s most enjoyable to have in the evening when the lighting is softer. But not a requirement by any means.  Total time is approximately 75-90 minutes.