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History of Savitur


Somah (also known as Teresa 'Tracy' Shulman) originally comes from Rochester, Minnesota, home of the world famous Mayo Clinic, where she grew up watching Western Medicine at it’s finest unfold.  She was first introduced to essential oils in 1998 when she was looking for alternative methods to an ADD diagnosis for one of her sons. She found them to smell pleasant and be a slight benefit by adding a calmness in the home.  However, they certainly didn’t do what her pharmaceutical medicine was doing and so she was skeptical.  Soon thereafter, in a yoga studio, she was introduced to the perspective of natural healing. This process would evolve, piquing her scientific mind to what pharmaceuticals were copying from nature.

In 2007, she completely left her life as a figure skater. She had been an elite athlete, a World Professional competitor, a performer with Ice Capades & Busch Gardens, Florida, and coach for 20+ years to competitive athletes.  She deepened her personal yoga practice.  In 2011, seduced by a “quieter side” of life, she traveled to Rishikesh, India to completely absorb herself in the wisdom of inner healing.

Journey to India

Somah was introduced to the power of what essential oils do by a fast growing marketing company for Essential oils. A consultant claimed their oils were ‘above organic.’ Somah did a comparison to a few other companies and spent the next weeks trying to contact upper management for a clearer production trail, only to hit many dead ends. Since she was eager to use the oils, so she became a consultant for them but continued her quest of, “Can I go to where the plant is grown? Can I become familiar with who is growing it and EXACTLY what is the process?” The answer was always leading to NO.

About this time Somah’s passion for sports science and natural healing lead her to the wisdom of Ayurveda. Ayurveda means “the science of life”.  It is the oldest documented form of medicine practiced publicly. In 2013, Somah was invited to join a select group of 12 people to study intensely with two high profile Ayurvedic doctors, both of whom had started high profile, internationally known botanical and herb companies. Organic India was one. She was the only American in the group of global healers, giving her a new perspective of "standard practices".

On this Ayurvedic trail, Somah was invited to meet the founder/owner of Veriditas Botanicals, Melissa Farris. These are incredible oils. So unique!  Veriditas, by Pranarom is the ONLY 100% certified-organic essential oil company on the U.S. retail market. This company is founded by the passion for giving back to the earth as it’s given to us with the wisdom of it’s immune system. Somah appreciates that Melissa connects with the families that naturally grow these amazing plants, which give us scientific healing powers known as essential oils.  These families are committed to the global pharmacology, not economically driven.  Savitur supports this and is part of a world-wide small farms co-op that supports this passion where, at any time, you can visit where YOUR oil grows.  Being present at distillation is celebrated.

Smelling and feeling the oil is immediate with the ECOCERT, Veriditas oils that are in all of the "Wellness blends" and single oils on the Savitur "shelf".  They have a very different experience than any other oil.

She was then introduced to another company located in India. The owner began with a vision in the 70’s to make all styles of processing oils available but with transparency and clarity on when and why you would hybrid or fractionate an oil. He explained to Somah, in 2013, why people reconstruct the oils, what they do with the various parts and how they can be sold and still “be pure.” He sells all parts of an oil to anyone that requests it, so he is open to showing you all styles of distillation. This also makes him well-educated on what really is in a “100% Certified Therapeutically Pure” bottle of oil.  Somah was learning if nothing is ADDED to it, it can be called “pure”.  The reorganization to it allowed them to "trademark" how it was put back together.  They only claim that it is “pure” or “therapeutic grade”. Not a fully 'structured natural bio-chemical UN-altered oil'.  This information really got Somah’s attention.

In 2013, Somah’s personal oil orders were being paid for by her friends who were reaping benefits from her studies and unique connections to oil distilleries. She was guiding and ordering for so many people that it evolved into a full-time business.

On a motorcycle journey with her “teacher/guru” Anand Mehrotra, in the Himalayans in 2014, she expressed the desire to name her company that had begun evolving in 2012. After explaining that her focus was the “Truth” about oils and their “Divine” influence, her teacher suggested “Savitur”, another name for ‘God, Divine flow information, or Enlightenment’. In the “Gayatri Mantra” the phrase, Tat Savitur Varenyum, means the "Truth of God’s Wisdom". The "light of the sun is the energy of Savitur".  What a PERFECT name and it came on the night of her birthday!

Savitur Today

Somah’s passion is to import from companies where the oils’ roots and history of the land can be traced and the processing is clear and honest.  The co-op of farmers, "in India" only supply Savitur with Indian oils.  They wildcraft most everything and have always used natural repellents such as “cow dung” and neem oil. Somah travels back often and knows the employees that hand dip the incense and pour the oils into the containers. The Himalayan/Kashmir Lavender and Himalayan Geranium are unique scents, compared to the more often used, French Lavender or Bulgarian Rose Geranium. And of course, have different uses, medically.

Somah continues to import oils from wherever they grow naturally on this beautiful planet! That includes Bulgaria, Somalia, Australia, Corsica, Sri Lanka, India and MORE. Experience the esScents and difference in healing from Savitur, 'the ENLIGHTENED botanical'.