June 18th, 2022 Blog

As summer steams up there are two common ‘problems’.  
Bug bites and nausea!
The bugs love the heat along with our juicy human flesh and blood.  Nausea can set in when the external temperature rises.  Motion sickness from road trips are common with both children and adults, especially in the mountains on winding roads in arid environments, causing dehydration; which accelerates this form of vertigo.

WHAT CAN AN ESSENTIAL OIL DO… (like really do?)
If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ve heard of the olfactory and limbic systems.. How does smell work?

Molecules enter through your nose and land high in the nose; from there a nerve cell takes that information and sends it to the brain.  The complex nerve cells interact with the molecules and read the information and the brain translates. The Nobel prize was recently awarded to this being proven scientifically.  The ‘Olfactory Epithelium' is the spot where millions of nerve endings connect.  Aromatic molecules land here and then become decoded. An oil that has been manipulated (adulterated) can be confusing to the limbic system. (when the isolates of components, etc are rearranged for trademark purposes)

Essential oils do not go to the brain, the molecules do.
Molecules we inhale go into the lungs.
The nose inhales and the brain interprets.

Inhaling Spearmint oil is a glorious option when dealing with nausea or deep fatigue.  It is outstanding when added to a carrier oil for relieving an upset stomach and then applied topically on the belly.  Diffusing it with Lavender or Orange is an incredible uplift too!

Aromatically, Citronella is a favorite to diffuse and keep bugs at bay… more on that later this month for our second blog post of June.

Stay cool and enjoy the heat of summer!

peace + love, 
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