Amber in Vetiver

An attar is when something is ‘distilled’ through a residue of another botanical.
AMBER sparkles through VETIVER in this scentilating aroma. Amber is a resin
of a type of conifer sap, it hardens into crystal form and then can be distilled
many ways.. THROUGH VETIVER is a gorgeous expression of the oil.

The beauty of this duo comes out grounding and uplifting… as in an aphrodisiac!
Yes, something that calms while stimulating falls into this category. It stimulates
the sensory chambers of the brain while boosting a relaxed, yet curious aroma.
Add it to a diffuser with Orange or Mandarin.. Maybe drop a few onto the shower
corner before starting your shower.. Applying it to the face with a quarter size
amount of Olive or Jojoba is a treat for the skin.. Heck, smear it all over the body
for a sexy aroma (gender neutral) or even add it to a massage carrier of Almond

In the residue of Vetiver the resin tears of Amber take on both qualities of Amber
and Vetiver.

We blend it with other antibacterial oils & use it for a “deodorant”. ‘Garuda
Deo-EsScents’.. we’ll talk about that more next week!

Explore Amber in Vetiver for the rest of August and save $15!
peace + love!

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