Below are some of our most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. Please read through these to see if your questions can be answered. If you can not find the answers to your questions here, please feel free to contact us.

What is an Essential oil vs a hydrosol or Carrier oil?

An Essential oil is the volatile DNA of a plant.  It has many components that make up the profile of each species and genotype. A hydrosol is the bi-product of steam or hydro distillation. A hydrosol, by nature, has the chemical profile in a watery substance. It has both Essential oil and water matter in the fluid. An Essential oil is hydrophobic (repels water) A hydrosol can sustain an oil in its fluid better than plain water and even distilled water.

Do botanicals interfere with pharmaceutical drugs?

Some Essential oils can lower the efficacy, or intensify the responses of some medications. Always ask an ESSENTIAL OIL master, as a western doctor may have little to no understanding. They may say no altogether when it could help, or they could say it doesn’t matter, when actually it would complicate things.  Essential oils are powerful and potent. Do not underestimate their effects.

Are Essential oils allergenic?

Understanding how an oil is obtained, can solve for many reactions to Essential oils.  If the “components” have been re-arranged; statistically, there is more risk in developing an irritation. (Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt wrote about this in the early 70’s in a book, “The Science of Aromatherapy and Essential oils”)  If an oil is truly farmed free of pesticides, etc. and the original components are in tact and the quality of soil/seed was excellent, there should NOT be a natural allergy to any Essential oil.  Further investigation is suggested if a rash breaks out from usage of ANY Savitur Botanicals product.  Please contact us immediately.

If I’m allergic to an herb, will I be allergic to the Essential oil?

Depending on use, if someone is allergic to “Lavender plants”, it may be still okay to use a Lavender oil in a carrier (lotion or cream), if diluted with other oils. If someone is not to ingest Grapefruit, then when using the oil, they may be able to diffuse it, or have it in an ingredient like in a lip balm.  For best understanding, test a small patch of skin and wait 36-48 hours.  And again, seek an ESSENTIAL OIL master for deeper concerns.

How do you use different types of botanicals?

Essential oils are added to creams, carrier oils, hydrosols and used neat. They can be added to a diffuser and even sprinkled over linens, carpeting and in your car.  Carrier oils: Jojoba, Almond, Olive, Apricot, Tamanu, etc., are plant based fatty oils that are usually cold pressed. They help to heal and keep skin moisturized, while acting as a seal for the important and much more costly, Essential oils.  Hydrosols are often used on the skin and in the air in a spray format.  They are the ‘fluid channel’ to all Savitur face and body creams.  NO WATER IN OUR PRODUCTS! Hydrosols are an excellent choice for babies/children and those extra sensitive to the potency of high quality Essential oils.

Are botanicals safe to ingest or put on skin?

It’s extremely important to know your practitioner for this exact answer.  Sometimes YES and sometimes NO. When I add Lemon oil to my tea, I add 1 drop to my honey, let it dissolve and then stir it into my hot water. NEVER SIMPLY DROP IT INTO WATER. As mentioned, EO’s are hydrophobic. It won’t blend and it may injure your mucus lining of paths it follows. Can you put a “pure oil blend” of Savitur’s Deodorant (Deo-EsScents) on to your skin without a carrier?  YES.. please do, for all of our sakes!  

Where do Savitur Botanicals products come from?

Somah has connections globally.  She is a part of an international group of Biodynamic farms that work together with the highest standards in the industry. They certify many types of botanicals, keeping the testing TRUE third party.

How do botanicals work with the Immune system?

It’s like we’re borrowing the immune system from each plant. Whatever its nature is responsible for doing, we can access that! Then it’s important to understand best how to extract (distill) the DNA, (essential oil), keeping all of the original, organic components in tact. Improper distillation will lead to ‘breakage” of chemical components, lowering efficacy.  The botanicals can only work as well as they’ve been cared for. Altitude, soil moisture, amounts of sunlight and original quality of seed, all affect potency. When we smell an Essential oil, it immediately talks to the limbic system, by-passing thought/memory, giving the brain an option of directly communicating to any organ or system in the body.  Smelling an Essential oil high in anti-inflammatory qualities will soothe a sharp sensation faster than topically applying, for instant pain relief.

Are all oils safe for Pregnancy and babies?

Not all oils will agree with a pregnant sniffer!  Usually the state of pregnancy gives Mom a nudge of yes, this is A-mazing.. or heeeey how ‘bout NOT have that scent around me?! So yes, there are wonderful oils to use that will charm a pregnant mom and be of benefit and there are Essential oils that she will want to avoid until later.  Please oh please, see an Essential oil Master for the details on this.

How is quality of product determined?

A Gas Chromatology and Mass Spectometry test, comprises a general Certificate of Analysis.  This is an extremely accurate test of the levels of all components in the oils.  Any company that doesn’t want you to see their FULL CoA, is hiding something.  Usually a company wants to boast of their high quality.  Only if an oil has been re-arranged, is it ‘adulterated’ and compromised from original form. (to use multiple strains and create a hybrid oils for multi-use, but lower overall quality)  The richer the soil and more consistent the weather FOR THAT PLANT, the higher the components will show up when tested.  Someone must be trained to read a full CoA. They must have a chemistry background because there are over 150 components in EACH species of each genotype of Essential oil.

What are the differences between Essential oil companies?

Everyone has an opinion of what makes something, “the best”.  Is something “better” if more can access something due to lower quality because they can buy more for the same dollar?  We don’t think so.  At Savitur, we have studied through the eyes of Ayurveda. The Science of Life. We only carry oils that come from where they indigenously grow on our planet earth. And furthermore, we believe that a plant that grows under the most caring of humans, make it even better. So a biodynamic system of distilling, ensures that every standard is of the highest and most sustainable for all considered. Including Mother Earth. When we formulate and blend we only used full strain oils. No isolates for ‘enhancing’, just pure Essential oils the way they were grown. 

What is a Multi-level Marketing Essential oil?

An Essential oil that comes from an MLM (multi-level-marketing) company HAS to be trademarked to sell. THAT MEANS, it has to be “re-created” in a new way. Any natural product produced by nature cannot be trademarked. Unless it’s been altered. So an MLM must alter it in their own way to ™ it. Savitur will not alter the components of ANY oils.

How much do Essential oils cost?

The price of an oil is completely dependent upon the rarity of seed and the process of distillation. A single oil can range from $6-$185 depending on the oil and quantity.


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