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Retail Introductory Collection

All new retail customers are given 30% off their first package of oils. If they purchase again within 10 weeks, the savings can be deepened.

Each of these pre-set packages have been reduced an additional 10% to get things going with more financial ease for you; and we take out the guess work of what to get.  These are our hottest sellers!

Choose from a basic variety, to a few more oils for your inventory; to a great starter set with our unique products, including incense and body oil!

You can always customize your first starter set for the regular 30% savings.

*Savitur recommends retail shops increase pricing an additional 10% from our website price. Your customer can see and smell the oil in your location and doesn't have to pay extra for shipping.


** Discount codes or further savings coupons may not be used at check out. Any accidental purchases will be reversed