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BULK Botanicals

Savitur Botanicals sources from 30+ countries and has many oils that are not shown. If you wish to purchase larger quantities or you're looking for an oil that is not listed, please contact us @ 1-720-460-1225 or via email at

Most orders for items in stock will ship within 72 business hours of receipt.  If an item is purchased that is not currently in stock, a Savitur Botanicals representative will contact you.  Shipment time for products that are not in stock at the time of order will vary; however, most items can be shipped within 30 days.

*Prices quoted are subject to change and may vary depending on market availability.  For large bulk orders, you may wish to call or email for price confirmation.  Price commitment can only be made prior to payment.

*Minimum order of $175 required on BULK wholesale orders