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Biodynamic Certified

Somah is connected to a global co-op of amazing farmers out of Europe; headquartered in France and Belgium.  These are sources that uphold ecological practices by supporting complete Biodynamic practices.  The continents include Europe, Asia, Africa and South America

Biodynamic practices mean the farm and distillation process have standards that not only don't pollute our planet but their products and facilities actually reduce the carbon footprint. 

Somah visits the farms yearly.. come along sometime! Tune into our YouTube channel as we show you our connections. Savitur Botanicals

All Savitur Essential oils are fully tested by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectometry structural breakdown of components. ALL Savitur oils are left in original natural form. The components and geno-types are never altered.  All tests are available. And will soon be on each page for your ease.