July 17th blog

hOMe from India.. This is my reason for a later blog on July oils.. I am at the airport as I write you… 

TEA TREE AND CYPRESS~ featured oils of July

Both oils were used twice “in an emergency” while in India the past 7 weeks. First because I got burned (large muffler burn) and then because an AMBULANCE hit me.. Ummmm not a speeding siren blasting Ambulance. One that was likely on their phone and not paying attention. 

The driver should have had Cypress on their skin or in the vehicle.. LOL.. it would keep one alert to such things as a person on the side of the road!

And yay to Tea tree for treating my potentially infectious wounds, in a dirty environment like India!! I made a quick spray of Rose hydrosol and Tea tree. Applied 4-5X daily and voila! Great antibacterial spray on the go. Yup I did add lavender to it and PURE drops of Vetiver, thick and neat, like a paste and whoa was it healing. Some days I used Patchouli and others I used a blend of Jojoba and Sandalwood. I was in the perfect place to do my own healing. 

Both July oils go into the Bajrang Deo-EsScents that we’ve discontinued. Why did we do that? It was due to unsustainable Palo Santo since COVID.. 

GREAT NEWS THOUGH…. I’ve brought home a new oil (will tell you about it in August) that will replace that blend. Still working on the name!

Cypress is a gorgeous citrusy mountain fresh fragrance and when blended with Laurel, Tea Tree and a fine Kashmir Lavender.. Mmmmmmm, uplifting and invigorating. Cypress has strong antiviral properties and acts as an astringent on the skin. Super for preventing ingrown hairs, so, AWESOME in a beard oil blend!

Could I have used Cypress on my wounds? Not the burn, Lavender was BEST immediately as it never blistered because of that application. Maybe the scrapes after the road rash, but only if it’s a last resort. OVER scabbing can also irritate skin and invite an infection. It’s a lovely add in, to a deep woodsy massage blend and promotes circulation and reduces inflammation and pain in the muscles.

Some changes to the website to IMPROVE your experience coming…  

peace + love!


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