Buggin’ Out on Oils

Buggin’ Out on Oils

June 28, 2022 

June 28, 2022 

What IS that scent?  That aroma of ‘bug repellent’?  WHY do bug sprays smell like that…. even chemical based candles smell like a citrusy pungent sharp blast?

C I T R O N E L L A 

Eucalyptus citriodora has a very similar scent and is often used in cleaning. It’s better around pets and safer on skin.  Citronella is best for adding to candle wax or in a diffuser, less on the skin. Heavily diluted if skin contact.

Patchouli and Lemongrass work on skin in a pinch too. Try dabbing a drop on the backs of your knees and inner elbow as you set up that tent or prepare the back yard for a BBQ.  The mosquitoes will avoid you!

“Citronella oil is an essential oil obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon. The oil is used extensively as a source of perfumery chemicals such as citronellal, citronellol, and geraniol. …Wikipedia”

Keep this variety away from your pets, as it can be toxic as a plant. Use it sparingly around animals and if they remove themselves from the room altogether, let that be a sign it is too intense for them!

This is not an ingestible oil. Besides the fact I think it would taste terrible.. 

What if you happen to make a bug spray and it goes in your (or child’s mouth)? I don’t think you have to worry. Swish the mouth with some coconut oil and that will immediately change the flavor and remove the oil.  Don’t use water!

Here’s a quick spray idea:

1 oz spray bottle

30 mL (1 oz) Geranium or Lavender hydrosol (or distilled water)

6-15 drops Citronella oil

1 tsp vodka or vinegar (w)

Swirl & spray: lawn furniture, tents, sleeping bags, clothing, anything you desire to repel bugs and deter them from your fun!

Peace, love & healthy skin!

June Oils of the Month!

June Oils of the Month!

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It’s scent is connected to ‘insect repellent’ however it’s shown benefit to relieve spasms and used as a strong anti-bacterial in cleaning.


This is a delightful oil to relieve nausea, and motion sickness.



May 27th 2022 Blog

I am in India until the middle of July… WHY OH WHY?  Do I go there for my education? Why India? What about health & food issues, poverty and overpopulation? And in the summer when it’s gorgeous in Colorado?  #wth

In my opinion, you can find chaos ANYwhere!  New York City, Guadalajara México, Thailand, and more…  There is an organization to the chaotic lifestyle of India.  I generally spend my time in the sleepy northern part of Rishikesh where it’s known to be a Yogi town.  It’s alcohol and meat free.  Travelers come from all over the world on an inner pilgrimage to soul shine and find a deeper meaning to life.  It’s quite a beautiful energy in a person, as they unwind social dogma. 

The Peppermint and ‘Himalayan’ Geranium, both featured this month, come from India.  The ancient practices and heirloom seeds cannot be matched.  There is a unique pride in work, that I find unmatched.  India even has it’s own time zone.  Did you know that? It’s 11.5 hours ahead during daylight savings and 12.5 hours ahead on standard time, from Colorado. Exactly ½ way around the globe.  Yup, they are off of everyone in the world by 30 minutes. So strange!  And so wonderful!

We have access to more and more education and in many ways we are returning back to medicine that grows from the earth and science that can be felt from the stars.  Vedic astrology was always the science kings relied upon, it’s evolved in so many ways but it’s inception was also in India.  It’s this cosmic science I am studying in India this time.  I’ll be able to offer guidance on scientific aspects of who you are and the timing of things in your life.  It’s quite fascinating.  Book a discovery call and let me introduce you to yourSELF in a way you’ve always wanted to be seen.. The truth of who you are, not the stories of what’s evolved.  If you cannot find an opening in my calendar,  message me personally and I’ll get you set up!

India is the motherland of wisdom in my opinion..

peace + love!
Somah Devi Ma

Stop The Drama With Your Nose!

Stop The Drama With Your Nose!

May 13, 2022 Blog

We smell with our brains and the brain dictates the body’s response.  Be it pain, pleasure, irritation and more, the autonomic nervous system is responsible for interpreting the olfactory.

How can getting NOSEY slow down inflammation?

All month long I have been diffusing different ratios of Peppermint and Geranium (Pelargonium, graveolena) and loving the shift of mental perspective.  Feeling uptight? Change the scents in the room and let the inflammation of thought (drama of mind) be shifted by the components of these aromatic treasures.  It’s SCIENCE!

Looking for a lift?    3:1 Peppermint/Geranium

Wanna calm down in sweetness?     2:3 Peppermint/Geranium


These are extremely different Essential oils with very different aromatic scents.  First let us compare their opposites: 

  1. The scent: Peppermint is spicy and fresh while Geranium is floral and sweet (especially the Himalayan!)
  2. Skin feel and safety: Peppermint feels icy/hot, is a rubefacient while Geranium is calming and mellow.. Oils that bring extreme circulation are rubefacients and often create a redness and or burning sensation to the area when applied undiluted.  Geranium can be applied ‘neat’ (undiluted) and it soothes a sensitive blemish. 
  3. Kid/Senior usage: Peppermint is to be used with a bit more awareness with the younger, the older and those on medications.  Geranium is wonderful for these groups, yes ESPECIALLY the Himalayan variety (featured)


What is commonly shared:

  1. Fantastic oils to use for bug/spider repellent (in a carrier)
  2. Highly recommended for reducing inflammation in a topical application with a carrier oil/lotion
  3. Every first aid kit should carry these oils
  4. IN EMERGENCY both have unique uses for solo topical application
    Peppermint~ immediate pain relief (headache/muscle spasm)
    Geranium~ on the spot antiviral germ killer Rose Geranium, (Pelargonium, asperum bourbon) is slightly higher)
  5. Savitur Botanicals gets the Himalayan Geranium and Peppermint oils from India.

Rose Geranium is ‘better’ for skin care and Himalayan Geranium is sweeter in scent and more commonly used for ‘all around’ care due to being less expensive and less intense on different types of skin.  A great ‘multi use’ Geranium oil with gorgeous properties!

Reduce inflammation on the body

1 oz Jojoba oil (or Almond, Apricot, Olive)
6-8 drops Peppermint

6-8 drops Geranium

Blend in 1 oz bottle and apply liberally as needed/desired.  Play with the ratios for aroma and efficacy. 

Let me know your favorite combinations!

peace + love!
Somah Devi Ma