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"The Hormone Connection"

"The Hormone Connection" - Ending The Battle Between The Sexes - by Dr. Patrick Flynn

Hosted by Dr. Jacqueline Berens, EnVitality Wellness Center - A Wellness Way Affiliate

This seminar will be the most powerful event you ever attend!! It will have an impact on your health, marriage, and any relationship you have with the opposite sex. Most men today think woman are complicated, but if you understand her hormones you can understand how woman think. Most woman don't understand men because they don't know their hormones. And because of this there is so much confusion in relationships, especially if you're married. Dr. Flynn will show you how the hormonal system affects how you think, act, and how this affects your everyday life - especially your health.

It's time for a different way of thinking! Hormone conditions like Infertility, PMS, Cancers, Depression, etc. are at an all time high, yet we have more treatments than ever in history. So as we continue to spend more money and resources on research and treatments, people are suffering and more medicated than ever. Dr Flynn started this over 20 years ago and now is one of the most requested speakers on Hormones in the country. And he is coming to your town, don't miss this event!


Ladies the biggest thing that is said after the event is, "I should have brought my husband". See when you talk about hormones many women come to these events, but this applies to your health, marriage and how to communicate with anyone, especially your spouse. It is one of the reasons the largest demand for Dr Flynn to speak is at the biggest churches in the country. So bring your spouse and every friend you know, and we promise your guest will thank you over and over!!

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