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Spooktacular Halloween Sale

Spooktacular Halloween Sale: Prices so good it’s scary.
Use code SCAREOFF and receive 20% off!

Keep this handy and stay Immune from all the Ghouls!

Immune Booster
This wildcrafted blend is created to support people with seasonal allergies, animal allergies or a challenged immune system as it relates to colds and upper respiratory issues.

Stay calm and cool with Frank in the room!

Frankincense, Serrata

It is believed to a have a centering effect on the emotions.
It can slow respiration, thus helping your body calm and center itself.

Too much candy? Have this oil on hand to help with digestion.

Fennel (India)
The Fennel seeds were used to improve digestion, relieve gas, decrease appetite, and quell obesity.

Teeth hurt from the sweets? Try Black Pepper on hand.

Black Pepper
Can assist a toothache with a direct application from a Q-tip that has 1-2 drops of oil on it. Try less first, watching how much the Q-tip is absorbing the oil. 

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