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Travel Collection

Introducing Somah's Travel Collection!

Somah's recommended oils to promote health and wellness while traveling:

Essential Oil Wellness Blends
  • Deodorant: anti-viral, stimulates as the body heats up, scent lasts while you travel.
  • Immunity Boost: calms allergic reactions as well as a strong barrier against germs.
  • Just Plain Relief! (Pain Relief): prevents travel muscle aches, fast relief for headaches.
  • Peace of Mind Spray: anti-bacterial, excellent as a linen spray and room spray.
  • Sinus Formula: opens the sinus cavity, excellent for sleep apnea, barrier against allergic reactions, soothes the sinuses. 
  • Sleep Aid: calms nervous travel energy, promotes sleep on airplane and while traveling.
NEW Pranacaps

Pranacaps by Pranarōm are individual doses of certified organic essential oils encapsulated in certified organic marine gelatin. The capsules are scientifically formulated to support the body's immune defenses, natural digestion and the central nervous system.

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