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Save 10% in February

Save 10% on Rose, Absolute and Sandalwood in February!

3 drops Rose, Absolute
2 drops Sandalwood (India)
1 drop Cinnamon Leaf (leaf is great for diffusing)
- Can be diffused, sprinkled around the room, or put in a 5-8 mL roll-on bottle with Jojoba Oil as a "perfume".

Bedroom Play!
1 oz ORGANIC Coconut Oil (do not use fractionated)
2 drops Cocoa
1 drop Cinnamon Bark (not leaf)
1 drop Orange (or Tangerine)
- Soften coconut oil to liquid, add oils, mix and allow to harden (or put in fridge).  
Oil will melt on body on contact. 

***Do NOT use Essential Oils with latex condoms

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