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Juniper Berry & Laurel - February 2019 Oils of the Month

Essential Oils oil of month

February 2019 Oils of the Month

Juniper Berry (India)

Juniper BerryAn innocently sweet oil, Juniper Berry lightens the mood of anything too heavy -- either in a scent, in the environment, or in an existing blend.  It is used in blends to encourage circulation for healing, and is a key ingredient in many bone and skin healing blends, as it is incredible in stimulating new cells and as an anti-inflammatory.

Laurel (Austria)

LaurelAlso known as Bay Leaf, Laurel is a favorite addition for grounding blends at Savitur.  It is so nourishing to the nervous system, and loosens up phlegm and congestion.  Laurel has historically been used in love tonics, with its association to love having long been documented, dating back to the stories of Aphrodite told in ancient Greece.

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