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Introducing Pranacaps by Pranarōm!

Savitur Botanicals has expanded with Pranacaps ~ Safe, Convenient & Effective way to harness the active properties of certified organic Essential Oils!


Digestarom (Digestive Aid Capsules):

  • Helps support digestion and relieves occasional intestinal discomfort from gas and bloating.

Immunessence (Immune Defense Capsules):

  • Formulated blend to provide support to the immune system.

Mandarin (Aromastress Capsules):

  • Naturally Supports the central nervous system from daily stressors.

Oregano (Resistance Capsules):

  • Helps to support the natural immune defenses of the body.


Pranacaps by Pranarōm are individual doses of certified organic essential oils encapsulated in certified organic marine gelatin. The capsules are scientifically formulated to support the body's immune defenses, natural digestion and the central nervous system.

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