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Essential Oils Bio-Chemical Effects & 'Living" Yoga

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Sunday, March 12th


Essential oils and their bio-chemical effects
• Understand and work with the different species: Rosemary, cineol vs Rosemary verbenone OR Frankincense, carterii vs Frankincense, serrata (Eucalyptus, Chamomile and many others will be discussed)
• Relating the doshic balances to the chakras and exploring personal “healing” methods
• Q & A from first two weeks, re-cap or fill in for those that weren’t present

'Living' Yoga- Mantra, Mudra & Kriya
• Dissecting Kriya, Mantra & mudra; then choosing to create a group journey
• Revisit Essential oils for physical or meditative style classes
• Enjoy a lengthy sound bath on the Native American flute, for ultimate absorption 

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