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Bonjour, Mes Amis!

It has been simply enchanting to drive from Paris into the French Alps... into Provence... and down to the Mediterranean.  I rented a stand up paddle board in Marseille and floated out to sea... and I cried.  Tears of gratitude flowed into the water for the opportunity and beauty I was immersed in.  For all of YOU, I have to thank.  This company has grown in ways I never imagined.  I have craved some quiet time to self reflect and get still... the past few days have been just perfect!

Today is my second day in Avignon with my Ayurveda/Essential Oil teacher, Komala, from Brazil.  She formed the company "Body Bliss" and sold it many years ago.  WOW!!  I have her to myself, for just a few days, before she begins a retreat here... in a castle!  How lovely to have this one on one time with her for furthering my studies.  I brought her my face cream, face spritz and many new oils I've connected to since our last interaction.  She was impressed with my sourcing and high standards... so I feel I am honoring her teachings.

My Education?
I take private courses from many different teachers (many which are also offered publicly).  I've done this since 2011.  I feel it is the best use of my time and money, while keeping my learning mission on target:  "To learn from the best teachers in the world, from multiple countries, to achieve maximum perspective."
I will be driving back to Paris on Earth Day... embracing the land that supports so many Essential Oils, that heal so many people ALL over the world!

I'm sure more tears will flow...

I'll be back in Colorado in a few days.  See you along the path...

Happy Earth Day from France!

Peace + Love,

P.S.  Keep the orders coming ~ Natalie loves to be busy!

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