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Ayurveda & Essential Oils 101 Workshop

The health of our body mirrors our inner feelings and attitudes: the body manifests & expresses, unresolved emotional issues through illness/disease. The body provides symptoms to remind us of what we have yet to heal.

“The disease will never be cured by materialistic methods.. if the disease goes away by such methods, it will only be a temporary relief, unless the real cause has been removed.” - Dr. Edward Bach

The body mirrors our internal state. We use Essential Oils to heal emotional perceptions as well as to build our immune system. Learn about application, purity, efficacy and safe usage with Essential Oils.

Explore Ayurveda through Essential Oils as a powerful healing modality. Experience the doshic affects of intense vs sweet oils. Understand how to shift an imbalance immediately with the right synergistic blend.

What oils are safe on the skin? Can you ingest Essential oils? What’s with all of the different companies and what does “therapeutic” really mean?

Have these questions answered and more! Please bring any favorite oils/brands. Come with a curious and open heart.

Date: December 10, 2017
Time: 1:30 - 3:30 PM
Place: The Subtle Mind in Boulder, CO

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