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What happened to

Savitur Botanicals?

We’re glad that you asked!

We began to partner with a company that was not upholding our highest level of quality in some cases. Through Divine intervention, I have connected with Joy, the founder of Stillpoint Aromatics, and we've been sourcing from many of the same locations.

Joy was already ordering her Sandwood Hydrosol from Savitur, and by resourcing together we realized that we can bring the best of all worlds to your doorstep.

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How To Shop Savitur

Look through everything Savitur Botanicals and Stillpoint Aromatics have to offer

Visit Stillpoint Aromatics and use code “SAVITUR” at checkout for additional savings on our oils

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It’s still somah

Don’t worry, Somah is still with Savitur Botanicals.

We love our customers, so I am here to answer any more questions you may have about how to shop your favorite Savitur oils.

I invite you to send me a personal email and I will respond directly.