Ayurveda & Essential oils

Ayurveda~ The oldest recorded form of medicine. The “Science (wisdom) of Life”:  To work with and to strengthen the body in prevention of “dis”-ease. Each body type has a continual, flowing percentage of the following “dosha”’s at play, showing what’s happening in the body/mind.  Noticing the constitutional balance will offer ways of keeping the mind/body/spirit […]

Chakras ~ Essential Oils

ROOT – MULADHARA: Oils are deep, earthy and grounding roots and resins Myrrh warming & energizing Vetiver grounding and balances all chakras Frankincense unification of spirit/body from root to crown other oils suggested Ylang Ylang & Spikenard/Jatamansi   SACRAL – SWATIESTHANA: Oils that balance emotions and creative blocks, often the flower of the plant is uses […]