Shakti Sister Winter Retreat

   Retreat from your daily grind and connect with like-minded women * Come move your body and reconnect with your deeper inner self * Cultivate a peaceful heart by letting go memories and feelings that no longer serve you * Experience great satisfaction with deep practices that draw you closer to your beautiful heart Come […]

Journey to India with Somah!

      Journey to India with Somah! October 29 – November 10, 2016 This 13-Day epic journey through India, is an opportunity to explore the terrain, plants and practices that make up this sacred land. Daily practices of yoga and guided meditation will ground your experience physically, mentally and spiritually. Travel between 4 different cities, with […]

“Savitur botanicals” has arrived!

  After growth and transcendence with complete surrender to Spirit, may I present to you,  Savitur botanicals! What is Savitur botanicals about? I import FINE, ORGANIC essential oils, ethically grown for the earth. “Tat SAVITUR Varenyum” ~the wisdom or Truth of the Divine (Gayatri mantra) As I learned of essential oils and their astounding healing properties I became […]

Girlfriend Yoga! Laugh ~ Connect ~ Breathe