Journey to India with Somah!




Journey to India with Somah!

October 29 – November 10, 2016

This 13-Day epic journey through India, is an opportunity to explore the terrain, plants and practices that make up this sacred land. Daily practices of yoga and guided meditation will ground your experience physically, mentally and spiritually. Travel between 4 different cities, with experienced guides and lovers of India. Discover the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and experience the treasures of this deep form of healing. This retreat is a learning journey that will connect you to the living aspects of yoga and Ayurveda in the Holy land of India, ending in Rishikesh:  The birthplace of Yoga.

Dunagiri Retreat
Rishikesh &
The Ganga


Yoga, Herbs, and Oils

In addition to yoga and meditation practice, you will get to spend time discovering herbs and where they organically grow in the wild. Learn ancient therapies and their easy uses with Ayurvedic treatments. Daily usage of essential oils will teach you how to maintain your immune system, alleviate stress and anxiety as well as promote better sleep. Daily education, practical application  and direction on essential oils usage will enhance this. Furthermore, eating delicious vegetarian meals will show you how to balance your energies with food.

Exploring India will be enchanting with the multitude of excursions included in this retreat. Visit temples and caves written about by teachers such as Paramahansa Yogananda.  Visit the Anandamaya Ma Ashram and an Ayurvedic clinic. Learn about the extinct language of Sanksrit and an introduction of Vedic Astrology. Experience the harvesting and distilling of Essential oils growing in the high Himalayas. Have treatments and a consultation (at your own additional cost). Attend a Puja on the banks of the Ganga. Stay at the Rainforest Guesthouse ON THE GANGA, outside of Rishikesh. Listen to the history of deities and vedic gems at the Jaipur Gem shop. Go to the Spice market in Rishikesh and have a “Rajnee” apply henna to your hands and/or feet!

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If you have ever wanted to travel to India but weren’t sure where to go, Somah and Prashanti will guide you with their expertise. If you are wanting to discover the benefits of yoga and meditation while learning about Ayurveda in its natural form, this retreat is absolutely for you!



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