Highlights of the Inner Peace collection

Mental Clarity: Use this to refresh, energize, ease head pain, soothe tense muscles, cool hot flashes, harmonize nausea or to open the lungs for deeper breathing before working out or yoga. Drop into palms and cup around nose/mouth, inhaling 3-5 long breaths. Rub on lower back to balance adrenals and on neck and shoulders to relax nervous tension.

Frankincense “Heart Note”: Frankincense invites deeper breathing, and is used to support meditation, spiritual quest and prayer in many different cultures. This variety is a thicker resin. It’s wonderful used neat on the crown or feet. It can go in your bath water, even for children or during pregnancy. It’s beautiful with Lavender and Orange! It can be inhaled or diffused, used on the skin after diluting.

Sandalwood: This oil has been used effectively in medicine for thousands of years. It has been used for genital and urinary infections, digestive complaints, throat irritations, nervous disorders, depression, anxiety and skin care. Dab a single drop on the middle of the forehead to inspire insight and emotional stability. Blends well with Myrrh and Orange. Can be inhaled, diffused, ingested after diluting with a carrier oil, as well as added to lotions to be applied to the skin.

Patchouli: On the mental and emotional level Patchouli essential oil is grounding, meditative and comforting. It is wonderful with Grapefruit or/and Lavender! It can be diffused, inhaled, added to your bath, and used directly on the skin, on the back of knees to deter flies and mosquitoes. www.SaviturBotanicals.com 

Myrrh: Myrrh is an example of how plants can heal, inspire and bring people together! Myrrh has been used since prehistory as an incense and medical herb. This powerful oil also served to prevent and heal disease as its properties are antimicrobial and highly beneficial for the lungs. It can be diffused or a light drop, neat to the heart chakra before a bath, for letting go. Blends well with Frankincense, Orange, and Lemon. Try using neat on the feet with another oil, before sitting in stillness or before bed.

Rosemary: Best known for its aid in memory and hair loss. It was burned in French hospitals during epidemics. Can be inhaled, diffused, and used directly on the feet, scalp. Dilute with carrier and other essential oils for the skin. Blends nicely with Lemon in salad dressing! Cypress and Sandalwood add a nice mix to the diffuser.

Using a collection of oils to enhance inner peace

Using a collection of oils to enhance inner peace

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