“Tiers” of Essential oils aka.. what grade is an oil?


1. An oil is put into a machine (a fractionating machine) it’s taken apart, pieces removed (sold off) and put back together; (sometimes combined varieties here)  and can be LEGALLY sold as “A Pure, unadulterated 100% THERAPEUTIC GRADE Essential Oil” ~nothing was added to it (but perhaps other components of a sister oil); it’s ‘certified therapeutic’ by the fact that there’s a certificate showing exactly what is in the oil. (not what isn’t in it, comparatively to same oil, different grade) (many MLM oils)  This is an artificial certification, in that they created a trademark for changing the original DNA.  ~this would be like me giving you a blush wine rather than red or white and telling you that you now have both, when in fact you now have the healing properties of neither.  But if you don’t know any different, I can market it in a way that you will believe or not notice.  But ALWAYS detectable when side by side to a tier 4 oil…   100% of the time!

2. An oil that is “dusted” with “FDA acceptable products” to deter insects. (insecticides/pesticides) And the distillation process is mass produced, high machinery, high volume; often mutated/hybrid oils. They will smell diluted when side by side to an organic oil. (health food store)

3. An oil that is “organic” but mass produced, high machinery, high volume; focus is on mass production of “Organic land”. Not farming with land turnover, mass production, in mind. (some health food stores are increasing organic options) Many times a variety can be a hybrid.  As long as “science” can’t prove that it takes away from the proven benefits, they can do what they want.  The catch is that science won’t prove ANY efficacy with Essential oils.  And again, you must know that to understand the language presented.  These oils will smell diluted when side by side to a small batch distillation.

4. An oil that is Organic or Wildcrafted and only “cow dung/natural raw elements” are used/have ever been used on the grounds. The land purpose focus, is to cultivate healthy soil for generations to come. Small batch distilling and very little machinery involved. Human powered as much a possible. Often co-ops of families, farming together for ethical standards. (these companies have total transparency to what goes on and as a buyer, you can be ON SIGHT at distillation)


~how do I KNOW this? Because I spent two months in 2013, being a part of this process; both privately and commercially. I was stunned, saddened, INSPIRED!


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