“Savitur botanicals” has arrived!


After growth and transcendence with complete surrender to Spirit, may I present to you,  Savitur botanicals!

What is Savitur botanicals about?

I import FINE, ORGANIC essential oils, ethically grown for the earth.
“Tat SAVITUR Varenyum” ~the wisdom or Truth of the Divine (Gayatri mantra)
As I learned of essential oils and 
their astounding healing properties I became passionate about how to get the information and true “clean” oils to every day people. I learned that a diffused oil DOES MATTER if it’s organic or not; not just oils that are ingested. I learned that Mulit-Level Marketing companies were “buying” their certifications and the public was being confused. I watched how “unethical” oils didn’t have the same healing or emotional balancing and saw that just like the food industry, there was a lot of misinformation landing in the laps of really good intended oil lovers!  After following a magical thread into the hands of some pretty wonderful teachers I was given some rare connections to importing essential oils. This is why “Truth” of oils is a mission of mine.  I work with ANY company that it’s “roots and seeds” can be traced to. Their methods are based in ecology not economy. And when I buy from the small family farms that participate in world wide “ECO- cert” certified organic co-ops; well, we ALL benefit!  

Want to learn more about what I’ve discovered on this path? Visit my NEW website, you can even order with flat rate shipping! www.SaviturBotanicals.com Click on Education tab for ALL past “Oil & a Mudra” combinations

Did you know that it takes 2500 hand picked roses to go into 3.75 mL or 3/4 of a TEASPOON of PURE Rose oil? That’s a lot of Valentine’s Day bouquets! For this reason it can be ‘seductive’ to fractionate an oil, sell parts and put it back together, still clean (100% pure!) but not in original condition. Then the deepest fragrant parts can be sold, a la carte, to a perfume company. When this is done to an oil, it’s MEDICAL healing properties have been compromised. Now it will, to many, be less affective than their western based medicine. In that case, the oil totally got a false test on that person.
Mogra is Dawn blooming jasmine and Motia is Night blooming. Come learn about oils at my many events I am offering. Or experience them FOR FREE at my weekly open Monday Mediation gatherings in Castle Rock. 6-7pm (free)SENSUALLY essential! February 12th: 3 Om Massage & Ayurveda in Denver 6:30-8pm on Blake/17th

Essential Oils 101 Truth in how to select oils for your health and wellness March 10th: Essence Health & Fitness in Castle Rock 6:30-8pm  off Wolfensburger & park


The company I started in 2012, that blossomed in 2014 has returned to me as soul-owner 😉  I appreciate you watching this process, as many of you have been with me from the beginning. I will always keep my prices so that EVERYone can benefit from the immune system of essential oils. My order of importance is EARTH & the eco practices and choices by the farm; OIL and it’s proper handling and method of extraction, including assuring it’s in original perfect state; PERSON that uses the oil should know how to use it and have a fair price for a ORGANIC/high ethical grade of essential oils to choose from.

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