Chakras ~ Essential Oils


ROOT – MULADHARA: Oils are deep, earthy and grounding roots and resins

  • Myrrh warming & energizing
  • Vetiver grounding and balances all chakras
  • Frankincense unification of spirit/body from root to crown
  • other oils suggested Ylang Ylang & Spikenard/Jatamansi


SACRAL – SWATIESTHANA: Oils that balance emotions and creative blocks, often the flower of the plant is uses since it is the sexual part of the plant stimulating expression.

  • Sandalwood transitional grounding, as it is an aphrodisiac via inner peace
  • Jasmine  the Flower King! A known yin/yang balancer, a transcendent oil uniting physical love into its most spiritual form. Encouraging responsiveness to beauty
  • Rose the Queen of the Flowers! A connector to the fourth chakra, heart;transforming sexual love into deeper devotional love
  • additional oils patchouli, vanilla, douglas fir or other balsams


SOLAR – MANIPURA: Oils that support confidence, patience, determination and strength; blood cleansing oils

  • Vetiver as a fixative in nature, it is protective and balancing
  • Juniper acts as an energetic barrier to others
  • Carrot seed is actually a carrier oil assisting in eliminating emotional blocks as it strengthens intention and will power
  • other favorites peppermint, ginger, cinnamon bark, mandarin, spearmint


HEART – ANAHATA: These oils reflect love in its deepest, most authentic form. They release emotional trauma and open the lungs, reconnecting to daily joy

  • Rose An excellent reproductive tonic; heals grief, jealousy and envy
  • Bergamot an oil that activates optimism; allows love to acknowledge their own highest gifts
  • Lavender balances and harmonizes the upper and lower triangles of the body
  • Geranium An oil of innocence! Wonderful to stimulate innate child-like joy


THROAT – VISSUDHA: Oils that activate freedom of one’s inner wisdom. They encourage creativity while maintaining alliance with truth of one’s purpose.

  • Myrrh encourages one to speak out, against fear
  • Roman Chamomile imparts truth to be spoken in a calm manner
  • Lemon an oil of focus and cleansing abilities


THIRD EYE – AJNA: The oils found beneficial to re-connecting the memory, shifting the analytical mind to the intuitive one; develop the third-eye center

  • Rosemary an oil of spiritual transitions, signaling clarity on thoughts connecting the mind to spiritual principals
  • Helichrysum stimulates the enhancement of the unconscious; fostering compassion
  • Juniper opens the mind to altruistic outcomes
  • Clary Sage invites the “clarity of the inner sage”


CROWN – SAHARARA: Spiritual transcendence is the affect of these oils. They remind us to allow the ultimate unfolding of consciousness.

  • Frankincense The oil of the inner guru; “the Father in me”. This forms a continuous connection to the available power
  • Lavender the flowers color lavender activate the opening of the crown chakra, making manifest all potential
  • Other oils known Angelica, Cedarwood & Sandalwood
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