Ayurveda & Essential oils

Ayurveda~ The oldest recorded form of medicine. The “Science (wisdom) of Life”:  To work with and to strengthen the body in prevention of “dis”-ease.

Each body type has a continual, flowing percentage of the following “dosha”’s at play, showing what’s happening in the body/mind.  Noticing the constitutional balance will offer ways of keeping the mind/body/spirit in “ease”.

  • Vata~ air/ether: imbalanced; it manifests in anxiety, worry, fear, easily fatigued, headaches, high blood pressure, nervousness
  • Pitta~ fire/water: can manifest on the body as skin issues such as rosacea, or in behavior as a fiery temper when not harmonized. Indigestion is another sign of pitta “mis-firing”.
  • Kapha~ earth/water:  harmonizing a slow metabolism, balancing an oily complexion, encouraging flexibility can be the goal of keeping this in a phlegm-less flow!

Essential oils for Ayurvedic Aromatherapy~ a starter collection

“We don’t smell with our noses we smell with our brains”  Biophysicist, Author, Luca Turin PhD, University of College of London lecturer

Holy Basil -tulsi :balancing vata & kapha, inhale deeply, when dealing with grief

Cinnamon -bark/leaf :balances  vata & kapha, a ‘soothing stimulant’

Lavender -angustifolia :nourishing for all doshas

Frankincense -calming for the CNS ~excellent for all

Bergamot -an optimistic aroma

Orange -a drop diffused or in a glass of water will lift spirits, can amplify joy

Patchouli -gives an earthy grounding to situations; good with grapefruit

Spikenard/Jatamansi – anesthetizing; an oil for calming the spirit into ease, on the forehead!

Jasmine -an uplifting aphrodisiac “to life”, neat or as an enhancement to other oils

Peppermint – a heart tonic with potency! Can warm, can cool. Wonderful in a carrier oil. Sparingly

Marjoram, Cypress & Hyssop -Ancient Egyptians & Greeks used these oils to comfort during grief and for strengthening the brain, so the individual can get on with their life!

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